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This FREE 1 on 1 coaching program is designed for the new military spouse or significant other.

Whether you truly are brand new (less than 6 months) to the military lifestyle, or still feel confused and lost, this program is for YOU!

What will my coaching session look like?

There are multiple ways that Sarah can help you! Each 30 minute session is uniquely designed to help you with whatever you may need. Here are the four main topics we can focus on:

Get answers to your specific military questions

“What Tricare option is best for my current situation?”

”Where can I renew my ID?”

”I need help navigating my base’s website!”

Receive help with a PCS/TDY/Move

“What is our best option for moving (ie. DITY), and how do we coordinate everything?”

“I need general moving tips!”

“What can we expect at our new base?”

Receive help with a current or upcoming deployment

”How do I create a deployment binder?”

”I want help creating a schedule while I am alone. Help!”

”What local resources are available to me while I am on my own?”

Discover and OWN your unique identity

“I want to find a job. Help!”

“What resources can I use to help me go back to college and earn my degree?”

“I need help managing my busy days. Help!”


I can’t wait to hear from you! I want to help you grow your confidence in military life and find joy in your military journey.

Fill out the form below. I’ll contact you to schedule a FREE 20-30 minute session where we will focus on YOU and your individual questions and issues.

Please note, I will be on maternity leave until Jan 2023, so my response times will be slow.

If you have any additional questions, contact Sarah at contact@amilitarywifeslife.com.

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