10 Incredible Podcasts for Military Life

There are SO many podcasts out there in the world, but I want to direct you to some absolutely wonderful military-related podcasts.

Each includes a link to the show on Spotify, other relevant links, and a brief description.

Of course, there are other great podcasts out there. If you want me to add one that’s not listed below, let me know!

In no particular order, enjoy listening to these awesome shows!

1. The Military Money Manual Podcast

Hosted by Spencer Reese, this podcast is all about financial freedom while you or your service member serves in the military.

Follow Military Money Manual on Instagram and check out their website.

2. Military Wive’s Top Fives

Hosted by Sarah Frausto, this podcast is for the worn-out military spouse. She gives you top five lists for different bases, areas, and other military topics.

(I’ve been a guest on this show! You can listen as I share my top 5 tips for Tricare with kids here.)

Follow Sarah on Instagram.

3. Grace of a Military Child and Life

Hosted by Gracie, this podcast highlights the unique stories of different military kids and spouses.

(I’ve been a guest on this show! You can listen to that episode here.)

Follow Grace on Instagram and listen on different platforms.

4. The Waiting Warriors

Hosted by Michelle Bowler, this podcast helps families of military and first responders thrive through personal stories and useful tips.

Follow Michelle on Instagram and check out her website.

5. Kofe Confessions

Hosted by Kodie and Felisha, this podcast explores topics of motherhood, military life, and “every mess in between”.

Follow Kofe Confessions on Instagram and find more links.

6. The Milspouse Podcast

Hosted by Alison Woehrman, this podcast is here to build community that moves with you wherever you go, and to provide practical tips to help navigate military life.

Follow The Milspouse Podcast on Instagram and visit her website.

7. Milspouse Matters

Hosted by Jen McDonald, this podcast is dedicated to encouraging military spouses.

Follow Milspouse Matters on Instagram and visit her website.

8. Married to Military

Hosted by Dr. Lindsay Cavanagh, this podcast discusses all the challenges of being married to military, while also offering effective solutions to make life easier.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram and visit her website.

9. Holding Down the Fort

Co-hosted by Jen Amos and Jenny Lynne Stroup, this podcast opens conversations for and from the military community to share knowledge, resources, and relevant stories on how we can best ”hold down the fort” through all stages of military life.

Follow Holding Down the Fort on Instagram.

10. Disruptive Storytelling with Military Changemakers (from Partners in PROMISE)

Currently hosted by Jennifer Barnhill, this podcast isn’t afraid to be disruptive about the changes that need to be addressed and acted on within the military, or in special education.

(I’ve been a guest on this show! You can listen as I talk with Jen and another guest about the word “dependa” here.)

Follow Jennifer on Instagram.

Other Excellent Podcasts:

MilSpouse Mastermind – Helping you pursue a life of purpose, joy, and impact as a milso

Brave New Milso – Exploring the transition from civilian to military life as a loved one

Lifegiver – A positive place for military couples on topics that relate to military life

Army Wife Network – Empowering military families

Have another podcast recommendation to add to the list? Send me the name here!

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