10 Ways to Make Moving a Breeze

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Moving is synonymous with stress. So focusing on simple, but impactful, tips will make things go much smoother.

I have had my fair share of moves, and have learned SO MUCH over the years!

These are my top 10 tips for how to make moving WAY easier when you do it yourself.

1. Have a last-in, first-out box

This is an absolute MUST. This box will be last into the moving truck, and first into the new place. (This does not cover daily needs, such as clothes and toiletries.)

Having a last-in, first-out box is important because then you have easy access to necessities you will need while the rest of the house is empty.

Hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, plastic silverware, plates, and cups are all absolute needs, especially when your house is empty.

I also make sure to include cleaning supplies, like dusters, a mop, window cleaner, rags, cleaning wipes, magic erasers, and toilet bowl cleaner.

Nothing is worse than moving into a new place that is dirty. Unfortunately, that has happened to me more than once, so I always make sure to include any cleaning supplies I might need.

Lastly, include anything you need for your kids. Diapers, wipes, a few toys, books, food…you could even throw a blanket in there for them to play on while boxes are being moved around.

2. Mark what’s in the box

This is a HUGE time and energy saver. And it is SO EASY! Especially if you have helpers when carrying boxes into the new place. Then they know the exact room the box should be in so you don’t have to rearrange the whole house again.

Take a sharpie, or even use different colors of tape, to mark what area of the house the box contents go in.

These labels are created especially for military moves, and work great for organizing your boxes and belongings.

Sometimes I also throw in specifics of what is in the actual box. If I have lots of boxes going to that area (hello 15+ kitchen boxes), then I know exactly what is in each box for when I unpack.

3. Use kitchen towels to cushion

Speaking of the kitchen, there are some things I do not want breaking. Ever. So I use what I already have lying around to protect them!

I’ve wrapped vases, pitchers, large glass or porcelain bowls, mugs, and more. I also put a kitchen towel between the crockpot and the insert bowl as added protection.

4. Use this as a chance to declutter/organize

Ok, hear me out. Let’s be honest. Moving is HARD. I get it. So this probably sounds like more work.

BUT, if everything will be handled by your hands at some point, why not toss/donate the item if you no longer want it? What’s the point in moving it and taking up boxes if you don’t even want to keep it?

Before you pack each box, make a donation pile and have a garbage bag handy. Then, as you go through each room, toss what is unusable and donate what can be given new life elsewhere!

You’ll feel WAY better knowing the things that move with you are actually what you want and need.

5. Protect your furniture

Always try to protect what you’re moving. Whether it’s a couch, a mattress, bookshelves, ANYTHING. It is SO worth it to pay a few bucks for covers and protection than to have to buy a new piece of furniture.

Our favorite things to use are stretch wrap and dish foam. The stretch wrap is basically a jumbo roll of cling film, and it is amazing!

Wrap it around drawers to keep them shut and over headboards/baseboards to keep the wood from getting scratched.

You could also use dish foam around sharp corners of furniture and in between sets of plates and bowls.

6. Use blankets to wrap big mirrors

This tip probably seems so strange, but it TOTALLY WORKS! We have way too many blankets, but I love them too much to part with them.

Instead of buying a box to pack blankets into AND something to protect the mirrors, save that money!

Wrap a thick blanket around your mirror and secure it with stretch wrap. Just make sure the wrap covers the whole blanket to protect it from getting dirty. It’s that easy.

7. Fill up suitcases with clothes

More likely than not, your move will take more than one day. For clothes you won’t need those days, why not pack them into your empty suitcases?

That’s what they are designed to carry. You’ll also have a handle or wheels to use.

Save a box (or 10) and use suitcases you already own to move your clothes! You could also throw shoes, hangers, and accessories inside.

8. Take pictures of valuables

This is an obvious one when you have movers move you.

However, even when you do the move yourself, you’ll want to take pictures of valuable items.

If you have home insurance, renters insurance, or even umbrella insurance, they may cover any moving accidents such as theft, flood, or fire. Check with your insurance company to see what they cover during a move.

9. Utilize garbage bags

Use garbage bags to pack pillows, stuffed animals, comforters, towels, and quilts.

Slide your hanging clothes into the bag, wrap the tightening straps around the hangers, and keep hanging clothes wrinkle-free.

Throw away any unwanted items and use another to collect the donation items.

Fill them up with your extra paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning rags.

Wrap up toilet bowl brushes and plungers.

Garbage bags are the perfect solution for moving lightweight items, and they double as protection.

10. Save boxes for future moves

If you are in the military, the chances you will move again are pretty high. So save those boxes! You can store them in the garage, a storage room, the attic, or even under beds.

Sort the boxes based on if they are usable again. If the box got ripped up or smashed somehow, don’t keep it, but if it’s in good condition, keep it for future moves or for storing things.

If you know you won’t need them for a while, you can donate or recycle the boxes.

Are you moving soon? Learn more about your new area, the resources available to you, and how to best coordinate your move. Book a coaching call to receive real and personalized help with your upcoming move!

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