4 Months to PCS – How I’m Preparing Now

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We have 4 months until we PCS across the country from Destin, Florida to Clovis, New Mexico.

(If you don’t yet have hard orders, start with this blog post about prepping for a PCS with soft orders.)

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Get on the Base Housing waitlist

As soon as my husband received his physical orders, we called the on-base housing number to get on the waitlist (we’re 16th in line in case you wanted to know 🤪).

We still aren’t sure if we want to live on or off base, but we got on the list to keep our options open!

To find the on-base housing list, find the official website for the base you’re moving to. There should be a “newcomer” section or “life on base” section. There you should find on-base housing information.

(If you still need help, please reach out to me!)

Explore options with our current home

Since we own our home, Chase and I talked about renting it out, turning it into an AirBnb, and even selling.

We ultimately decided on renting, and we’re using Truevana to help us find a property manager! (I’m an ambassador for them, too, so mention my name if you use them!)

If you’re currently renting a home, you are legally allowed to cancel a renters contract early on military orders.

Start to sell/donate items

We’ve been holding onto old computers, clothes, and toys for a while.

We’ve already dropped off multiple bags at our local Airman’s Attic (thrift store on base) and sold our old computers on FB marketplace.

Get box labels

I KNEW as soon as I connected with Stachd that I needed their unique products for our upcoming move.

They sell (& customize) box labels, door hangers, and other moving necessities.

They also have an app to help you digitize what is in each box. My favorite is their QR code box labels to keep me and my ADHD brain organized!

Get our home rental-ready

We have plenty of home projects that are halfway done, like our bathroom sinks that we almost finished replacing or the broken blinds we’ve been ignoring.

So we’re going through our home, room by room, to update, paint, fix, and deep clean for our eventual renters.

Organize important papers with List & File

I am SO glad we started this as early as we did. Paperwork is something I stack and forget, so the idea of going through it all was overwhelming.

HOWEVER, I decided to get a List & File binder set, and it made the process, dare I say it, kinda fun!

Everything has a place now, and I’m so glad we got that over with. (I’m an affiliate with them, so you can use my code AWML10 for 10% off!)

Some important documents we included in the binder are birth certificates, our marriage license, receipts for large purchases, and tax documents.

Research new doctors

I’ve already looked at our options for things like vision and dental in the new area.

Instead of scrambling to find someone when we NEED it, I’m going to be proactive this time and do my research now!

As for Tricare, this guide is what I’ll be using to update our address and region.

So that’s it – how I’m preparing NOW for our PCS move that’s about 4 months away!

If you ever have questions, need links, or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I’m here & so happy to help you!

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