7 Positive Ways to Look at Moving

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Moving sucks. I get that. Even moving once makes you realize just how NOT fun it is. But there is ALWAYS a positive.

If you want to find the negative, you will find it. No matter if it’s about moving, work, the weather…

But mindset is EVERYTHING. You can CHOOSE how to see it!

Use these ideas to help you find some joy and excitement about moving!

1. Starting over in a new place

Unless you’re moving into the adjacent apartment or down the street, you will have the opportunity to start over in a whole new place!

This means you can start fresh with your neighbors, community, gym, church, grocery store, school…

Everything and everyone is brand new, which means you can start having new experiences where no one knows you or your family yet.

2. Connecting with old friends

Wherever you go, there is always the chance of seeing a friend from the past. Whether its all the way back from high school, or as recent as your previous job.

Having the chance to reconnect with old friends can bring some fun and comfort to your new location.

3. Making new friends

Each area you move to will expose you to new people.

I encourage you to get to know your neighbors. Meet those that live around you. You’ll never know what friendship could develop if you don’t try.

Friends can provide endless support, love, encouragement, and more.

They can also tie a positive feeling towards your physical place.

4. Building a new space

Creating a space that feels like home can be such a fun endeavor!

For me, this looks like repositioning furniture, painting rooms, finding places for art and pictures, and creating overall comfort in my new space.

A new space can mean a totally new set up and vibe for your new living situation! Or even recreating the one you had and loved before.

5. Going through old things

Moving gives you a chance to declutter! It will take some time, but the trick to this is to declutter BEFORE you move.

As you pack each item you own, take an extra second to asses if you still want it.

Does it provide value? Is it sentimental? Do you use it frequently, or at all?

It will be more beneficial to declutter BEFORE you move. You won’t be moving items you no longer want or need.

6. Learning new cultures

You don’t have to move OCONUS to find new cultures and ideas.

Have you been to Miami? Or Austin? The melting pot of cultures in each of these cities is vastly different.

Even moving from the southern end to the northern end of a state can expose you to new ideas, cultures, traditions, and food.

7. Exploring a new area

There are TONS of travel blogs out on the internet.

Look up your city or area (it could even just be into Google) and go find things to do!

We’ve had the chance to see the Riverwalk in San Antonio (TX), visit the gorgeous beaches in Destin (FL), and see incredible museums on different bases.

Are you moving soon? Check out my simple and modern military base prints to help you remember where you’ve been and get excited about where you’re going!

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