8 Items You’ll Want in Your Baby’s Memory Box

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There are so many different ways to create a memory box for your child. They are perfect for holding both papers and items that you want to save for forever!

This is my favorite box I have found out there! I love the small drawers for physical items like pacifiers and shoes.

There is also room for the baby book I was gifted, and it looks great too! I couldn’t find the book I have, but here is another super cute one!

No matter how you choose to preserve these memories, make sure you include the 8 things below!

1. Hospital Keepsakes

This section alone could be it’s own post. There are so many items from the hospital that can be kept. These hold so many special memories that you’ll want to cherish forever!

  • Hospital blanket and hat
  • Pictures of the birth/right after birth
  • Hospital bracelets (mom, dad, and baby)
  • Name cards
  • Height, weight and time card

2. Pictures of Your Pregnant Belly

This one requires some planning ahead. You can choose to include weekly or monthly pictures of your growing belly, or you can include one from right before you gave birth. I would suggest including the date so you can see how far along you were.

I took pictures each week once I found out I was pregnant, and wrote down the date and number of weeks I was so I could remember.

A fun way to do this might be to wear the same outfit each week to see a true size comparison! There are so many cute ideas out there for pregnancy journals and time lapses.

3. Coming Home (or Favorite) Baby Outfit

I love this because you can go back to feel and see a physical size comparison for how big (or small) they were. You’ll also be able to smell and touch the fabric that your child was once wrapped up in.

Even looking back on it 4 months later, you’ll wonder how they were ever that small!

In my sons box, I included the outfit we brought him home in. It also happened to be the very first outfit I bought him once I found out I was having a boy.

4. Sonograms

Those black and white pictures you get after an ultrasound? They are the sneak peek of your baby before birth.

KEEP THEM! I was lucky enough to get a couple, but even if it’s only just one, you’ll want to look back and remember one day.

5. Pictures of Baby

When I say pictures, I mean literally go and print out pictures. I would recommend Walmart for this!

You can include newborn pictures (if you got them done or did them), a monthly update picture of their growth, and so much more! I guarantee you will take a million pictures of your kiddo before they even turn one.

There’s nothing better than having a hard copy of your favorite pictures of your baby.

6. Handwritten Birth Story

A handwritten birth story and experience is such a special way to remember their birth. Try to write it while it’s still fresh in your mind. But, if you can’t, I get it. You get WAY busy!

Record yourself sharing it and transcribe it later. Or just put the recording on a flash drive and throw the drive into their memory box.

I wrote mine in the hospital while pumping (he was in the NICU – I wrote about it here) and while eating food.

7. Cards

Any cards you receive either for you or for baby are great things to save. Especially cards from a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other children.

You can save cards from baby showers, cards given at the hospital, or once you’ve gone home!

8. Gender Reveal/Baby Shower Things

If you chose to have a gender reveal party or get-together, save a decoration or print off a picture! If you sent out physical invites, you could save those too! A list of gifts from friends could also be put into the box.

I created a little “girl or boy?” sign that I put in the memory box. I also included the invitation of the three baby showers I was thrown.

Don’t forget to snag your own memory box here!

Struggling to figure out Tricare for your baby? I’ve got you 😉

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