A Quick Guide to OHA (Overseas Housing Allowance)

While living overseas with your service member, you can receive an allowance to put towards your private housing costs called OHA.

Learn more about how to apply for OHA, who can receive it, and more in the blog post below!

Who is eligible to receive OHA?

All service members stationed at a base located outside of the United States (OCONUS) can receive OHA when living in private, off base housing.

This is the same for all branches.

How is it calculated?

Overseas Housing Allowance is calculated based on rank/grade, dependent status, and ZIP code.

If a service member has any dependents, they will receive more money. This does not increase based on how many dependents, but simply if they have any at all.

The allowance you receive is based on the average rent cost in that area. So if it isn’t close to covering your mortgage, that’s why.

You can use this OHA calculator to get an estimate for your ZIP code, rank, and dependent status.

Is OHA automatically given?

No, in order to receive OHA, you have to contact your local transportation office.

You will most likely need to fill out this form (DD Form 2367) and bring a copy of your lease or mortgage agreement to the office when you go.

Is OHA only for those living off base?

Yes! If you choose to live on base, your housing will automatically be covered.

What about in the US?

While stationed CONUS, or in the United States, you are given a similar allowance when you live off base.

Instead of OHA, it is called BAH, or Basic Allowance for Housing. You can learn more about BAH here.

What if covers less/more than I need?

Since it is calculated based on the average rent cost for the area, there will be times where OHA does not fully cover your rent or mortgage.

In fact, OHA is designed to offset housing costs, NOT completely cover. You are expected to still pay out-of-pocket fees for housing.

If your rent or mortgage bill is less than the OHA amount for that area, you will be given only the amount needed to cover your bill.

Can I receive any other housing-related allowances overseas?

Yes! While living OCONUS, you can receive a reimbursement for realtor charges, security upgrades to your home, and other housing expenses depending on your area.

These are called an MIHA (Move-in Housing Allowance), and you can learn more here.

Still confused? Reach out here, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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