Sitting in the Unknown: A Collection of Poems for Military Loved Ones

Uncover the raw reality of life as a military spouse or loved one.

This captivating poetry collection uncovers the raw reality of life as a military spouse or loved one. It features three sections, or “seasons”, that milsos move through, along with three impactful drawings and a list of affirmations.

“Sitting in the Unknown” is a captivating collection of poetry that uncovers the raw reality of life as a military spouse or loved one. From the depths of loneliness and isolation to the peaks of joy and gratitude, this book takes readers on an emotional journey through seasons of surviving, living, and thriving in military life. 

Through beautifully curated verses, this collection offers unique validation and support to military loved ones all over the world. With its heartfelt poetry and profound imagery, the author invites readers to sit with their own personal military journeys and experiences.

Whether you are a “seasoned spouse” or a brand new girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner, “Sitting in the Unknown” has poems for you. This thoughtful collection stretches over many different experiences that a milso (military significant other) or milspo (military spouse) may face, such as deployment, moving (aka PCS, or permanent change of station), and training (aka TDY, or Temporary Duty).

“Sitting in the Unknown” offers genuine empathy and understanding, inviting readers to connect with emotional themes such as heartache, love, sacrifice, and finding peace amidst the unknown.

Here’s why you need to get it:

– Written by a military spouse, for military spouses and loved ones, too. (I really understand!)

– Honest about conflicting feelings

– Real, raw, and emotional – just like military life

– Themes of empathy and compassion – not just for others, but also for self

This book is for military spouses and loved ones:

– Who feel alone in their feelings about military life

– Who feel like they are the only one

– Who feel like no one can understand

– Who feel like they don’t fit the mold of “military spouse”

About the Author

Sarah is the creator and founder of A Military Wife’s Life, a platform dedicated to helping military spouses/significant others navigate and understand military life. As a military spouse herself, she provides resources and featured military-inspired artwork that span across web, email, and social media with compassion, vulnerability, and relatability.

You can read more about the author here.

This book is comprised of 77 poems across 3 sections, including two bonus poems for readers to enjoy.

The beautiful cover art featured is by Lillian Hatfield M.Ed. and the interior illustrations are by the author herself, Sarah Curtis!

You can order the book here! (see ISBN: 979-8-218-23752-3).

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