Creating the Best Military Care Package

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Being away from home and apart from your loved ones is already hard enough. Why not make it a bit easier?

These by no means will bleed you of all your savings. Unless of course, you want to go all out, then definitely go for it! But the great thing about these care package ideas is that they are affordable AND fun!

And to top if all off, make the shipping WAY easier on yourself (especially overseas) and use Shipthrifty! It is a cheaper and easier way to create shipping labels.

Now, onto the inside of the package!

Boredom Busters

More often than not, they will have some downtime. Give them something to do (when they aren’t talking to you, of course) that is fun and easy. It could even be something to do with friends!

There are so many sudoku books and crossword books out there, and if that isn’t their thing, then send a deck of cards or their favorite game to play! A book or magazine can also be easily thrown into a package (my husband loves this one!)

And my top favorite boredom buster? Minute to Win it games. These are SO easy to make or find online! (Check this website out!) And the possibilities are pretty much endless.


One of my favorite Etsy shops sells stickers that you can stick straight onto your box! (Check it out here!)

There are so many ways to “decorate” your box, and using her stickers is by far the easiest in my opinion.

Different Ways to Connect

If you have the chance to call or Facetime, make it fun! Set a time to call, send some microwaveable popcorn, and have a virtual date night!

Or send something relevant to life back home, like this:

We weren’t sure if Chase would make it back for Kaladin’s birth. Since Chase and I were apart in my third trimester, I sent him a baby blanket in one of his packages. Then once my due date came closer, Chase would send it back to me and Kaladin could snuggle in a blanket that smelled like his Dad.

You could also send a hat or shirt supporting a team playing in an upcoming game.

Or send a picture of your family that they can take pictures with at different locations.

Non-Perishable Snacks

A few of Chase’s favorite snacks I sent were cookies, granola bars, cosmic brownies, and drink powders like lemonade or breakfast packets.

Or if they need full meals, throw in some pancake mix, canned soup, or boxed pasta (think macaroni and cheese or ramen) inside the package.

Things they need

When Chase left, he didn’t think he would need a jacket. And then the weather dropped down to 45 degrees! I sent him one of his jackets so he wouldn’t freeze.

He also ended up running out of shampoo and deodorant, so I sent more his way. I would recommend wrapping these in a baggie so that, in case they leak, the rest of the package will stay intact and usable.

Reminders of You

There are so many cheap ways to get small pictures printed, like at Walmart!

Shop quality 4×6 prints for only 9 cents at Walmart

Send some tape or a string with clothespins to hang the pictures on.

Another way to do this is to send handwritten letters from your or your kids. This is a fun project to help your kids connect with their parents, as well as a sweet keepsake to have.

Need some deployment support? Check out this HUGE list of awesome deployment resources!

And as a gift to yourself on the homefront, make sure to check out my poetry book, “Sitting in the Unknown: A Collection of Poems for Military Loved Ones”.

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