Date Ideas that Work When You’re Near or Far

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Continuing to strengthen your relationship while you are apart is so very important. One of the best ways to do this is to have a planned date night often!

You will both have something to look forward to, and the date itself can strengthen your bond with one another and create wonderful memories, even through a hard time.

Here are some fun date ideas whether your partner is in the same room or across the world!

Phone date

The classic phone date is sometimes taken for granted!

Being able to talk to and hear their voice can provide so much comfort, even if it’s for a short period of time. Especially if you get to see their face!

Tangible games

There are tons of physical game options out there!

There are such great options for this, such as Date deck, Talking point cards, Affection – A Couple’s Game, and more!

If you have a board game or card game you like to play together, why not find a way to play over a phone/video call?

I’ve successfully played monopoly through FaceTime, and it’s actually pretty fun!

Conversation games

Games without holding anything physical fall under this category.

It includes games like “truth or dare”, “just a minute”, and “would you rather”.

You can find a few more games (and how to play them) here!

Online games

If physical games aren’t an option, you can try to play online games.

The fun and unique thing about these is that they don’t require a phone call. You can play them throughout the day!

A few fun games are Quiplash, the Mario Kart app, Uno, Psych, and you can even do a virtual puzzle together.

Work out together

Do you both like to work out? Why not find a time to do it together?

And if you can’t find a time that works for both of you, then keep each other honest and accountable for when you are each able to work out.

Talk about your fitness/health goals, and encourage each other through words or gifts!

Cook the same meal

You can do this one of two ways!

Once you do one of these two things, find a time when you can both make the meal/treat, and do it together, from prep to eating!

– Purchase your own ingredients

Once you decide what to make, each of you head to the store and get the ingredients you’ll need.

– Send the ingredients in a package (non perishable)

I’ve seen some super cool care package ideas that have dinners or desserts inside them. Just make sure not to send anything that could expire or attract bugs while the package is in transit.

Have a competition

This idea is not for the faint of heart.

If competing, or losing, makes you bitter or frustrated with your person, this might not be the way to go.

With that in mind, it might be fun to do a mini competition!

You could play minute-to-win-it games, see who can do something the longest, find the cheapest date night outfit, or see who can make a better freestyle rap.

The possibilities with this one are truly endless!

Take a trip down memory lane

Send a letter with some of your favorite pictures and have a “memory lane” date night.

Talk about the best food you ate, the funniest thing that happened, the things that made you smile, or the one thing you wish you could have changed.

Rekindle past memories and bring some love and positive memories to your rough time being apart.

Take a quiz

A few of my favorite quizzes to take with my spouse are the love language test and the personality test.

This doubles as a conversation starter AND a way to better connect with your partner.

Virtual movie night

Did you know that you can watch the same movie at the same time with other people, but you don’t have to be at the same screen? You can also send messages in a chat box!

Enter – Netflix Party (aka Teleparty).

And the best part is it works with Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, and Hulu!

Start (or continue) a hobby

Find something you both enjoy doing!

It could be painting, learning a new language, learning a dance for when you see each other again, you name it!

If you love running together, you still could! Use this app/website that maps your run. You can share your route and see your friends routes too.

Listen to music together

If you have Spotify, you can start a group listening session. You’ll be able to listen to the same music or podcast at the same time!

You could also turn on music or a podcast in the background of a phone call.

Write letters

Writing letters can be so special because you get to see their handwriting and feel the same paper their hands did.

One way to do this is to write “open when” letters, and write a letter for them to read while you are having your date!

Do a tasting

I have found a few super cool tasting kits that are a fun way to connect with your person virtually. You are both having the same experience, just in a different part of the world!

Chocolate tasting kit (with chocolate included)

Wine tasting kit (with wine included)

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