How to Get Added into DEERS

DEERS stands for Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

Basically, it’s how the military keeps track of their service members and dependents.

It is also how you receive benefits like Tricare and getting your own military ID.

Read on for the four steps to get added into DEERS!

Step 0 – Know the basics

Before we get any further, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you (as the spouse) CANNOT add yourself into DEERS.

This does not mean your spouse has to attend the appointment, but they are required to sign a document in order for you to be added (read more here).

Also important to note – you are not eligible to be added into DEERS until you have been legally married.

Once you have received a signed marriage licence or common law marriage document, then you are eligible to be added into DEERS.

Step 1 – Complete the DD Form 1172-2

In order to get all of your relevant information, the military uses this form.

Please note: it requires the signature of your sponsor (aka your service member).

If they are not available to provide a wet signature, don’t worry!

You have two options:

1. You can use a POA, aka a Power of Attorney.

2. If they have access to a DoD computer, or have a CAC reader (this is the one my husband uses!), they can digitally sign the form using the ID card website.

Step 2 – Make an appointment

In order to initially be added into the DEERS system, you are required to make and attend an appointment at a RAPIDS or ID card office (also know as a Personnel Support Detachment or Pass and ID office).

You can find the nearest location, as well as make an appointment, here.

TIP – input your ZIP code for faster results!

Some ID offices are located off base, and some are located on base. Keep this in mind when you schedule your appointment!

DO NOT schedule the appointment on a base unless you have a way of getting on base (ie. your sponsor is attending with you or you have a visitor ID to get on the base).

Step 3 – Gather two forms of ID

You are required to bring two forms of ID.

These can include a drivers license, state or federally-issued photo ID, social security card, passport, and/or voter registration card.

Most of these documents are REQUIRED to be the original copy, so keep that in mind!

As a spouse, you may also be asked to provide either a marriage license or common law marriage certificate as proof of eligibility.

As soon as you make your appointment, they should send you an email with a list of eligible documents, as well as where to go for your visit.

Check here to find answers to more questions regarding valid forms of ID’s for different situations.

Step 4 – Attend the appointment

The last and final step to be added into DEERS is to attend the actual appointment.

You are allowed to attend the appointment without your sponsor, but again, keep in mind where the office is located (on vs off base).

You, however, will need to be there so they can take your picture and issue you a USID card.

After you’re added…

Congratulations, now you have your very own military ID, also known as a dependent ID or USID card!

Check out this blog post talking all about your USID card, including what you can use it for, when to renew it, and more important information.

And here’s another great resource for understanding Tricare as a dependent.

Need to add a new baby into DEERS? Check out my guide for how to add your child into DEERS.

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