How to Make You’re First On Base Doctor Appointment

How to Make Your First On-Base Doctor Appointment

Making an appointment at your MTF (Military Treatment Facility) can seem intimidating at first.

But it doesn’t need to be!

In no time, you’ll be a pro at scheduling, cancelling, and navigating base for appointments.

Use this guide to confidently schedule your first on-base doctor appointment!

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Know what Tricare plan you have

To find your current enrollment type, log into MilConnect.

Click on the Benefits tab, and click on Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE).

Here, you can view and make changes to your Tricare enrollment. You can also view your assigned PCM and MTF.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: in order to be seen and treated by an on base doctor, you MUST have Tricare Prime.

Tricare Prime is a plan option for Tricare coverage, and is almost always required to schedule an appointment on base.

There are multiple ways you can be covered by Tricare. You can learn more about plan options and how to change your enrollment status in this previous blog post (Tricare: Starting out with the Basics).

Understand what coverage you have

Obviously, you know what the purpose of your doctors appointment is.

Whether it’s for a routine check up, discussing frequent headaches, getting medication, or checking on a healing wound.

Luckily, with on base doctors at MTFs, every visit and medication is covered when you have Tricare Prime, as that is the very nature of the plan.

If you end up needing a referral to see a specialist, that’s when copayment and deductibles come in.

Not all MTFs will be able to treat every ailment and illness. Your Tricare enrollment will not change if you are referred to a specialist.

Schedule the appointment

You can schedule an appointment to meet with your PCM in one of two ways.

1. Call the Military Treatment Facility (MTF)

Type into a search browser “[insert base] medical clinic”, “[insert base] medical center”, or call your PCM using the number provided in Milconnect.

If you are scheduling an appointment for yourself, ask for or get in contact with the main appointment line.

Sometimes the lines have a confusing navigation system. Don’t let this stop you!

Each of those options can get you in contact with the right extension/number.

Be clear that you are a dependent needing an appointment with your PCM, and they’ll be able to direct you to the right place.

You shouldn’t need to know the name of your PCM. Simply provide your sponsors SSN (Social Security Number) and first and last name, and they’ll schedule you with your assigned PCM.

2. Go to Tricare online

Log in to your Tricare online patient portal.

Here you can schedule appointments, review past appointments, refill prescriptions, view your health record, and more.

Make sure you schedule an appointment with the correct Military Treatment Facility. You can view this in your profile or at the top right hand corner of the page.

Make sure you can get on base

Once you’ve scheduled your first on base appointment, make sure you can actually get there!

If the appointment is face-to-face (aka in person), I strongly recommend going on base BEFORE the day of.

Even if it means you’re simply going to fill up on gas or go to the Exchange (shopping center on base). Get the first initial base visit out of the way.

Some bases are SUPER strict when allowing people on base. They ID everyone in the car before you’re let on.

And some bases just want one valid ID for the entire vehicle.

Going on base at least once before the day of your doctor visit will give you a feel of the level of security expected, and if your drivers license will suffice, or you need to get a visitors pass.

Do you have any more specific questions? Please reach out to me! I want to help you feel confident in your new experience as a military spouse 🙂

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