Life Update – March 22, 2021


Well, I guess technically we moved back.

On Saturday, March 20th, we finally made it back to our home in Florida!

And I am so grateful. Being away from home has been hard! We bought our home (our first one too!) in late August and lived in it for two weeks. Then Chase got sent to training in Texas and I stayed with my family in Utah. Once Kaladin was born (in Utah), we drove to Texas for Chase to finish part two of his training.

Chase graduated from his training on Friday, March 19th. Our last day in the Airbnb was also Friday, so we packed up all of our stuff on Thursday night. Right after his graduation, we started our 11-hour drive. Kaladin was an angel, we were so lucky!

We did the drive in two parts. Four and a half hours on Friday, and six and a half hours on Saturday.

However, that doesn’t include stopping to feed and change Kaladin every two to three hours. So it ended up being quite a bit longer.

We pulled into our driveway on Saturday around 4 pm and I was instantly overwhelmed and relieved at the same time. Since we initially only had two weeks to live in our brand new house, we didn’t get much done. And we also needed to unpack everything we had with us from those six months away.

Overall, I’m grateful. I’m so grateful that we made it here safe, that our house was safe while we were away, and that we are finally HOME.

For me, moving around a lot has meant that I don’t really feel like I can call one place home. I’ve lived in houses and apartments and Airbnb’s, but nowhere I could truly call home. Finally, I feel like this is our home.

On another note, Kaladin is growing so much! He hates tummy time, but can hold his head up for a good couple of minutes.

He has also rolled over a few times on his own! And he sleeps 8-10 hours almost every night now!! It is such a huge blessing.

Finally, I am doing ok. Exhausted and tired, but ok. Nursing takes a lot out of me. I didn’t feel like I was “eating for two” while I was pregnant until the last trimester. But nursing?! I feel like I’m eating for three. So I’m hungry ALL the time.

I feel so lucky to have my boys with me, and to always have a loving Savior looking out for me.



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