Life Update – May 10, 2021

MAN life has been crazy! We have so many exciting things going on. (Read my previous life update here.)

Military Life

Chase was on casual status for the month of April while in between trainings. It was such a huge blessing to have him home and able to help around the house.

Chase’s second to last training has now taken us to New Mexico!

He drove our car and stuff out to NM a couple of weeks ago, and found us a great place to stay!

We will be here for a few months – exact dates aren’t known right now. (But when are they ever!)

Home Update

While home for a month, we finally finished up our house! I was able to start AND finish Kaladin’s nursery, set up the guest room, and finish our desk area.

These are my two favorite spots for sure – the nursery and the desk area.

Family Life

Kaladin has learned to sit up, roll over, and has said mama a few times! It totally melted my heart.

We also have a purée eater! Chase and I felt it was the right time for Kaladin to start eating food other than just breast milk.

So far, we’ve only tried applesauce. And he didn’t freak out which is a good sign! He took a few swallows too, but at this point it’s just getting used to eating food at all.


Kaladin took his first plane ride! And his second…and third…and fourth. All in a 2 week period. So it’s safe to say this mama is TIRED.

And 4 times teaches you a LOT about baby plane travel!

We took two flights to get out to Utah for a wedding and two flights to make it back to Chase in New Mexico.

While in Utah, K and I were able to have tons of family time, and spent a lot of time in the car too. Driving back and forth isn’t ideal, but it was so great to see everyone.


Mentally, and physically too, I am pretty exhausted. Our time spent at home in Florida was so nice, but also very taxing.

We did tons of small and big home projects, and I haven’t caught a break yet.

However, being back together as a family after a week and a half of being apart has been so rejuvenating.

I am grateful for Chase and Kaladin, airplanes, baby food makers, Target, and of course my strong community of milspouses I look up to always.



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