PCS: 13 Places that Need Your New Address

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Moving can be synonymous with stress. You have to sort, pack, drive or fly, keep everyone fed and happy, and stay sane while doing it.

So changing your address after a move can seem unimportant.

Until you miss a bill, get pulled over, need insurance coverage, and more.

Below you can find a giant list of 13 places, people, and businesses that you should notify your change of address with ASAP.

(Download a copy of this checklist for when you do your next military move!)


Friends and Family

You probably won’t forget about this one.

A fun way to remind family and friends is with these updated address stickers that you can stick on holiday cards, postcards, or birthday cards.

Mail (USPS)

Fill out this change of address form with the United States Postal Service. Your mail will be forwarded from your old to your new address.

This change is SUPER beneficial because you can filter out other mail that still needs your new address.


Change your address with your bank to ensure all important documents go to the right place. You can also purchase or request checks with your new address on them.

Drivers License

If your new home is in the same state, you can apply to get an address change with your current DMV.

If you moved to a new state, search up the DMV in your new area to get an updated Drivers License.

Voter Registration

This can usually be done along with your Drivers License. Get this out of the way so that, come voting season, you are ready and able to vote right off the bat.

Credit Card Companies

Change your address to prevent any false fraud activity holds or notices to your account, and to assure your documents go to the correct home.

Loan Issuers

This goes for any and all student loans, car loans and house loans.

It can become a tax issue later down the road.

Phone Company

This one isn’t as pressing. However, if you are moving in or out of the country, this one is pretty important.


Any magazines, boxes (like Cater to Mom), beauty products, feminine hygiene products (like LOLA), and more. All of these will need to be updated!


No matter if you quit, were fired, or still have the same job, update your mailing address.

Once tax season rolls around, you will need all the correct forms sent to the right place on the first try.



After a military move, one of the first things you’ll want to do is change your address in DEERS.

Although you as a spouse don’t have direct access to DEERS, you can make smaller changes through Milconnect, such as updating your email, address, and phone number.


Once you’ve changed your address on Milconnect, it may automatically inform you that you’ve changed Tricare regions. If it does, follow the steps to make the change.

On that same website, you can update your PCM and view your insurance benefits.

** If you are enrolled in the wrong region at the time of medical service, this WILL cause a flood of problems down the road. DO IT ASAP. **

Learn more about changing your Tricare region.


If you are under the care of any other doctors besides your PCM (think Dentist, Optometrist, Dermatologist, etc.) you will want to inform them of your updated address.

Doctor offices may send you overdue bills in the mail, so updating your address will eliminate any loss of communication.


This covers all other types of insurance.

Car, home, life, renters, umbrella… Again, avoid any loss of communication by updating your address NOW.

Some insurance companies may give you a lower rate for your insurance based on your new location.

This could mean a lower car insurance rate because you’re in a safer area. You never know.

If you’re moving soon, check ou this classy way to share your new address with friends and family!

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