Post-Deployment Gift Ideas For Your Service Member

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One of the best feelings is getting to see your significant other/loved one come back home from deployment.

After possibly long moments of no communication, or talking through screens or ear pieces, you finally get to look into each other’s eyes, embrace, feel their warmth, and hear their infectious laugh up close.

What’s a greater way to show that joy, and make your service member feel warmly welcomed back, than to give them a post-deployment, welcome home gift!

I asked my Instagram community for some ideas and they definitely delivered. Below are some suggestions from the poll, and a few additions from me, too.

I hope you find one that fits the unique personality of your loved one and the unique relationship you share!

Personalized Gifts

One unique and thoughtful way to honor your loved one is through personalized gifts. These gifts range from goodies that they can enjoy, to those that they could even find useful!

A ‘Yes’ Day

A ‘Yes’ day is a full day that goes according to your loved one’s choice.

From their favorite meals to movies or activities, they get to choose – and it can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like!

Custom Gifts

There are many small businesses geared to honoring military life and offer great personalized gifts (I’m one of them!)

Getting a gift from these stores not only supports your loved one, but other military loved ones across our nation. That’s a win-win!

  • For the partner who loves to cook and spices up your life, spice blends from this store make a great gift.
  • If your partner drinks, a good bottle of scotch/whiskey and these lowball glasses are a great touch. Or, these engraved coasters with their favorite beer works too!
  • If your partner needs a central place to store their miscellaneous items, this customizable docking station is a great choice. Customize with their branch and name, or any of the 18 different ways available!

Personalized doesn’t always mean engraved goods. Sometimes it could just mean something that they’d personally love. Here are a few ideas!

  • A nice watch
  • Gym accessories or workout equipment for the lover of physical training
  • Car upgrades or professional detailing
  • Anything that speaks to who your loved one is to you

Shared Gifts

Shared gifts are exactly what it sounds like! These are gifts that you both can enjoy as a couple, or enjoy as a family.

Family Day

A planned day of family fun will be sure to make your loved one feel at home. Plan a day at the fair or the beach, their favorite spot, or stay at home and have a game day.

If you’re planning to stay indoors, here are some games that are great during and post-deployment!

Themed Treats

Got a sweet tooth? Red, white and blue cupcakes or military themed cookies are a yummy way to say welcome home.

A Day (or more) of Relaxation

Planning can be challenging even when deployment may have come to an end, but don’t let that discourage you from organizing a great stay that you may have missed while your loved one was away.

Coming back home, they may not want to travel again so soon. Planning a staycation allows you both some time together away but not too far away from home.

For the couple who wanderlusts, book a trip with flexible tickets to ensure guaranteed fun, that you can go on now or later!

It could be as grand as going overseas, or picking a city/state you’ve never been to before.

Nothing says relaxing like a couples massage to unwind and reconnect with each other.

Date Night Out

Lastly, but certainly not least, a beautiful night out, all dressed up is another great way to reconnect and bask in your loved one being back home.

I hope that these gift ideas help express the excitement and joy you feel!

For whatever stage of deployment you are in, whether you’re just starting off or counting the days down, know that I see you. My page has guides and resources that can help during this time of transition.

Deployment is just one of the many things that a milso has to live with, and it does come with highs and lows.

My book captures some of the thoughts and emotions I’ve felt during these transitions, and holds space for you to feel your emotions and know that you aren’t alone.

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