Shipping Made Easy in 4 Steps

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Whether you’re shipping in the U.S. or overseas, military or not, this guide will walk you through exactly how to ship a package.

There are only four steps you need to follow, and that makes it so much easier. What was once daunting is now achievable!

From idea to reality, use this guide to get that package SENT without the crazy costs or stress!

1. Pick a Box

Did you know that you can have boxes and shipping supplies shipped to your house for FREE through USPS?

And I don’t just mean free shipping.

I mean literally, at no cost to you, you can get boxes sent to your house for free. They even have military-specific boxes if you are shipping to an APO/FPO address.

Or, you can recycle a box you have at home for your package!

2. Fill the box

Once you know what size box you’ll use, fill it with fun things!

Read my full blog post on how to create an awesome care package. There are plenty of ideas there to get you started!

No matter the occasion, the point is that it is from YOU. Make it unique! Pictures, snacks, handwritten notes…

When deciding what to put in the package, just make sure you’re following important rules with shipping, like sending food. You can read all about that here.

2.5. Decorate (BONUS!)

Ok, this is totally optional, BUT, there are so many creative and fun ways to decorate the flaps of your package!

My favorite shop for this is Sea to Sea with Love on Etsy!

She has stickers you put right on the inside of box flaps based of the box size. And they aren’t just military themed either!

You could also theme your box based on the month/time of year/occasion. But again, totally optional and up to you.

3. Create a shipping label

You can do this straight from home! No post office visit or extra stress required.

Shipthrifty is a FREE online service that provides you with the BEST rates out there for shipping.

Sign up for free (and with no commitment) here!

The process is quick and simple.

You weight your finished package, fill out the information needed (like box size and to/from info), and pick the speed and means of delivery.

Then print out your label at home and tape it to the package!

Yes, it is really that easy. What are you waiting for?

4. Send it

You can do this one of two ways!

One, drop it off. Find a drop off location for your package based on the shipping carrier (ex. USPS, FedEx…) you used on their website.

Some post offices will have a package drop-off area, but you can always leave it with a worker if you’re worried at all. They will make sure you’re all set before you go.

Two, schedule a pickup. This option is SO simple and is almost always free, too!

If your location is eligible, you input the number of packages, the total weight, and where you’ll leave it.

This option is so convenient during busy days or if you can’t leave the house.

And that’s IT! Can you believe how easy that was?

With this quick and easy guide to shipping packages, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Need some more ideas to fill the box? I got you.

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