The Best Financial Programs for Military Families

Each branch of the military has an official program that helps military families with financial support and readiness.

(These are all excellent, but I’ve also included non-official programs that still support and help military families with their unique lifestyle.)

The program that corresponds to your branch should be available at your current duty station.

If you need help finding your specific duty station’s program, please reach out!

Read on for the official programs, as well as other programs that support military families!

Air Force & Space Force


Coast Guard

Marine Corps


National Guard

Additional Support

Air Force & Space Force

The Air Force’s Personal Financial Readiness Program is designed to help Airmen, Guardians, and their families, to improve their financial literacy and build financial foundations.

Some topics covered are Transition Assistance, Pre & Post Deployment Help, Birth of First Child, Marriage Support, Divorce Support, First Duty Station Information, and more.

**BONUS: The Air Force Aid Society provides no-interest loans and grants for in-need Airmen and their families.


The Army’s Financial Readiness Program is designed to provide educational and counseling programs to promote personal financial readiness.

Some topics covered are debt, money management, credit, financial planning, financial counseling for deployed Soldiers and their families, and insurance.

**BONUS: Financial Frontline is an Army-specific program that offers additional support and resources to Soldiers and their families.

**BONUS: Army Emergency Relief provides no-interest loans to Soldiers and their families.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard’s Personal Financial Management Program is designed to ensure that necessary financial resources are available to Coast Guard members and their families.

Some topics covered are Personal Financial Managers, Command Financial Specialists, tax filing support, one-on-one money coaching, and basic budgeting.

**BONUS: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program provides Guard members and their families with zero-interest loans and grants.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps’ Personal Financial Management Program helps Marines and their families with personal financial education.

Some topics covered are investment planning, financial planning, managing debt, using credit, budgeting, saving, and retirement planning.

**BONUS: The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides Navy and Marine members and their families no-interest loans and grants.

The Navy’s Personal Finance Management Program offers financial information to support Sailors and their families.

Some topics covered are retirement planning, emergency savings accounts, owning a home, and net worth.

**BONUS: The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides Navy and Marine members and their families no-interest loans and grants.

National Guard (ANG and ARNG)

The Air National Guard and National Guard program is called the Financial Management Awareness Program.

It helps guard members and their families access resources to improve their basic financial health.

**BONUS: For activated National Guard members and their families, the Army Emergency Relief provides no-interest loans.

Additional Support for All Branches

Blue Star Families has financial resources and free programs for all service members and families.

H.E.R.O.S. Care utilizes national support to offer immediate financial need.

MilSpouse Money Mission educates and empowers military spouses to make smarter financial moves.

Military OneSource helps you to prepare for a financially stable future.

DoD Savings Deposit Program provides deployed service members with an opportunity to invest in their financial savings while serving in a combat zone.

Military Consumer Toolkit offers a free PowerPoint full of VERY helpful financial information for military families.

VA Housing assistance provides all the information you might need when using a VA loan.

DoD Office of Financial Readiness provides support in every stage of financial readiness.

Struggling to find the program that’s best for you and your needs? Contact me and I’ll help you sort through your options!

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