Tricare Dental: Everything You Need to Know

The Tricare Dental Program (TDP) is a voluntary dental program for military families.

As a spouse or dependent of a service member, you are not automatically enrolled in the TDP.

Find out how to enroll, what’s covered, and other important dental insurance information.

Who can enroll?

Active Duty family members, non activated Guard/Reserve members, and all Guard/Reserve family members can enroll in TDP.

You MUST already be enrolled in DEERS to be enrolled in the Tricare Dental Program. Learn more about DEERS enrollment here.

How to enroll

If you fall under one of the three categories above, the sponsor (aka your spouse) has to enroll you in the TDP. This can be done through the MilConnect website, by phone, or by mail.

*NOTE: you cannot enroll yourself in the TDP online. You must have a POA and enroll by mail.


STEP 1 – Have your sponsor log in to the MilConnect website

STEP 2 – Click on the “Benefits” tab

STEP 3 – Click on “Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)”

STEP 4 – Choose the dependent(s) you would like to enroll

STEP 5 – Click the “Dental” tab on the screen

STEP 6 – Follow the instructions given on the screen for each dependent being enrolled

STEP 7 – Pay the first monthly premium

STEP 8 – Set up a payment plan for future premium payments


Mail this form and your first monthly premium payment to:

United Concordia
TRICARE Dental Program
P.O. Box 645547
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5253


Who runs Dental?

The Tricare Dental Program is contracted out and run by United Concordia.

United Concordia also manages the Active Duty and acvitated Guard/Reserve members’ dental care, but with a different plan type. This is known as the ADDP, or the Active Duty Dental Program.

Who accepts my insurance?

View a huge list of dentists on the United Concordia website. You can search by city, state, ZIP code, or by Dentist name.

All dentists on this list are considered “in-network”. That means the rates will be consistent with your coverage plan.

Any other dentist is considered “out-of-network”, and you may be required to pay the full cost of service.

What’s covered?

A list of all Dental coverage can be found on the Tricare website (listed under the category “Dental”).

A few basic items covered every 12 months are…

  • 2 oral evaluations (or 3 if the third is from a different dentist)
  • 1 comprehensive gum exam
  • 2 routine teeth cleanings (or 3 if the patient is recorded as pregnant or has a chronic medical condition)
  • 2 topical fluoride applications

For more specific coverage questions, visit the Tricare Dental Program handbook (starting on page 24).

Cost and Plan Options

Your Tricare Dental Program fee will be charged annually on May 1st.

There are a few different options, but each is based on your sponsor’s military status (active duty, reserves, etc) as well as the number of people on the plan.

Keep in mind, the “Single” option does NOT include your Active Duty sponsor, as they are covered by the ADDP (Active Duty Dental Program).

The most up-to-date information can be found on the United Concordia website.

Enrollment Effective Date

Enrollment is NOT immediate! If you enroll…

  • By the 20th of the month, your coverage starts on the first day of the next month
  • After the 20th of the month, your coverage starts on the first day of the second month

View this chart for examples.

Date enrolledEnrollment Effective Date
December 21-January 20February 1
January 21-February 20March 1
February 21-March 20April 1
March 21-April 20May 1
April 21-May 20June 1
May 21-June 20July 1
June 21-July 20August 1
July 21-August 20September 1
August 21-September 20October 1
September 21-October 20November 1
October 21-November 20December 1
November 21-December 20January 1

Other Important Info

You MUST enroll for at least 12 months

In order to sign up for the TDP, your sponsor must have at least 12 months remaining on their service commitment.

You can only waive this requirement if you have a valid reason for ending.

After 12 months, you can choose to continue your plan monthly or annually.

Children are automatically enrolled once they turn 1

Assuming your child is added into DEERS, they will automatically be added to your current dental enrollment plan as a family member.

They start receiving coverage on the first day of the month following their first birthday.

You cannot backdate coverage

Any dental care received before the date your coverage begins will NOT be covered.

If you have more specific questions concerning your situation, book a free discovery call here!

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