Tricare Vision: Everything You Need to Know

Vision care while you are a Tricare beneficiary can seem confusing – but it doesn’t need to be.

The most important thing to know is that the ONLY thing covered by your basic Tricare plan is a routine eye exam.

Everything else will require additional vision insurance if you don’t want to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Use this guide to break down the facts and dispel the vision myths.

Who is eligible?

Everyone with Tricare is inherently covered to receive one routine eye exam each year.

This includes Tricare Prime, Select, Prime Remote, Prime Overseas, Prime Remote Overseas, Prime Select Overseas, and Reserve Select.

What if I want more coverage?

You can sign up to receive more eye coverage for things like glasses, contacts, and/or surgeries.

This is all done through FEDVIP (Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program), and you are NOT automatically enrolled in this program.

Check your enrollment eligibility here.

How do I enroll?

STEP 1 – Go to

STEP 2 – Click on the “Programs” tab

STEP 3 – Click “Enroll” under the FEDVIP Dental and Vision section

STEP 4 – Follow the prompts

You will need to verify your eligibility, create an account, and enroll before you can receive any vision coverage.

What are my enrollment options?

When you sign up for a FEDVIP plan, you are only given the options that are available to you based on location, plan type, and payment frequency.

Here you can find the options available to you.

Here’s a list of ALL the FEDVIP vision plan options:

Who accepts my insurance?

For your basic yearly eye exam, you can find in-network doctors by searching your ZIP code, current location, or provider name based on your current region.

EAST REGION (Humana Military)

WEST REGION (Health Net Federal Services)


You can locate ophthalmologists and optometrists for any additional vision care by FEDVIP plan type.

What’s covered?

If you are enrolled in any Tricare plan, you are automatically covered to receive one routine eye exam each year.

When you enroll in a FEDVIP plan, you are given additional coverages for different vision needs, such as glasses, contacts, or additional care.

The amount of coverage varies by plan, but you can compare the plans available to you here.

Other important info

Open Enrollment

You CANNOT sign up for a FEDVIP vision plan at any time.

If you wish to enroll, alter, or cancel your plan, you must wait until Open Enrollment Season (mid November-mid December) unless you have a QLE or are newly eligible.

Learn more about open enrollment here.

Delayed start of coverage

When you enroll during Open Enrollment Season (mid November-mid December), your coverage begins on January 1 of the next calendar year.

When you enroll outside of Open Season, your coverage begins the first day of the first pay period following the day you enrolled.

Enrolling other family members

There are 3 overarching plan types with FEDVIP that directly coincide with the number of family members enrolling.

SELF – this only covers you

SELF PLUS-ONE – this covers you and one other eligible family member

SELF AND FAMILY – this covers you and any other eligible family members

You can only add an additional family member during open season or when you experience a QLE.

If you have more specific questions concerning your situation, book a free discovery call here!

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