“A Crash Course into Military Spouse Life”

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Here is your guide to the most common military acronyms. From AAF to USN, learn phrases, acronyms, AND their definitions!


1:1 Support

This 1:1 coaching program is designed for the new military spouse or significant other. Each 30 minute session is uniquely designed to help you with whatever you may need, from navigating a PCS to finding support during a deployment.


  • 16 Ways to Support Your Lonely Milso Friends over Holidays

    Learn how best to support your lonely milso friends through deployment, training, TDY, or other separation over the holiday season.

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  • How to Navigate Loneliness as a Military Spouse

    (GUEST POST) The most intense loneliness I have ever felt happened while my military member was right beside me. Here’s how I navigate that loneliness.

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  • You Got Soft Orders – What Now?

    So you got tentative orders, aka “soft orders”. What do you do now? Read on for six reasonable steps that you can take NOW to prepare!

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Hello, hello!! My name is Sarah Curtis! I am an Air Force wife, mother, business owner…

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