What the New Milso Actually Wants

Being a brand new military spouse comes with SO many emotions.

Terror, excitement, worry, uncertainty, overwhelm… the list goes on.

Sure, you could get them a fun sticker or shirt.

And the military wife themed gifts can be fun and cute.

But what do they REALLY want?

They want HELP.

Military life truly is a whole new world.

You step in and the people look different. There’s camo and blue uniforms everywhere, and more than half of the families wear red on fridays.

The lingo is strange. Your neighbor just did an OCONUS PCS as an HHG and are still waiting for their POV to arrive. They got a new USID and need it for the PX and want to stop by the Commissary too.


Again, the military is a whole new world, and when you’re brand new, it seems like everyone’s got it together but you.

The new milso wants HELP navigating this crazy life that is the military.

Whether that’s understanding their moving options, getting a better handle on Tricare, or learning the best way to ship a package overseas, they need help.

And that’s what I’m here for.

They want a friend.

Does this sound familiar?

You move across the country to live with your new spouse, leaving family and friends behind. And then you find out that your spouse is going to be deployed.

What on earth are you supposed to do now?

This is when you need to surround yourself with strong friendships.

But that might sound terrifying.

Let me be the gateway between you and your new friends. I am the best cheerleader I know, if I do say so myself. 😉

They want to ask someone who gets it.

Your service member can answer questions like “what are the ranks of the Air Force” and “what does BAH mean”.

But there are some questions that they simply won’t know.

“How do I get my own spouse version of your ID card?”

“Should I live on base or off base when we move?”

SO many questions like this your service member simply may not know because it never comes up for them. Which is why I’m here for you!

They want answers to their “dumb” questions.

Ok, first, off, NO QUESTION IS DUMB. You are by no means expected to know everything off the bat.

Being brand new into this lifestyle will naturally come with questions.

Unfortunately, most people expect you to know everything. I had a genuine question I asked a Tricare rep, and they told me “you seriously don’t know this?”.

It bugged me so bad. And I don’t want you to EVER feel like that.

Here at A Military Wife’s Life, it is a safe place for questions and queries, no matter how simple or difficult it may seem.

So what do I do now?

You have a few options!

You can follow along on Instagram! On there, you can find community polls, support, tips, and relatable content.

You can book a free discovery call with me! We can talk about your situation, how you’re feeling, and any questions you might have.

Or you can get my ebook designed for the brand new milso! Get an overview of all the important information you need to help you navigate milso life.

Again, I want to help you feel confident through whatever means you prefer. That could be via phone call, instagram DM, or email.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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