Why I Chose to Start a Blog

Believe it or not, this is not my first time starting a blog. I have had not one, but TWO failed attempts, simply because I had no solid reason or purpose.

However, now I know my purpose for this blog. Now I know why I want this and who I want to reach.

How it started…

5 years ago, I went through my mom’s old journals with her, and found so many stories! Some were happy, some really sad. Some were VERY embarrassing. (I found one about a crush she had and I couldn’t get through it. I cringed too much.)

And then I found a few pages that were about me and when I was born. I was fascinated!

Not about the details, (honestly they made me light-headed!) but the fact that I could read it so many years later.

And right then, though I didn’t know it, I wanted to start a blog.

Initially, I just wrote in a journal every day. Which honestly is such a good idea, so good that I still try to do it to this day!

However, I wanted something more than journaling about my day-to-day life.

Cue blog attempt one…

The first blog I created was for personal use. Simply to have a place where I could document life’s happenings, while also testing my creativity.

I published a few posts about what was happening in my life, dumb suggestions, and photo dumps.

My motivation to continue making posts was nonexistent. I didn’t have a real reason for writing. Plus, the only people reading it were me and my parents.

And then high school got too busy and I forgot about it. That’s how not-into-it I was.

And now for blog attempt two…

A few years later, I tried again. I had a better plan. Use the same site as before, but clean it up and add updated posts. I just got married, so why not talk about that?

That time, I was determined to make money. And I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking. I had no plan. No defined way to actually make money. So you can guess how that went.

Honestly? I had crushed hopes and no motivation to ever try again.

Now what?

So if my hopes were crushed before, why am I here typing on a new blog? Why didn’t I just give up?

I mean, giving up might be one of the easiest things to do.

So much has changed in my life since my first attempt at creating a blog. I graduated high school, was diagnosed with a chronic illness, got married, became a military spouse, and had a baby.

Each one of those events, and SO many more, have taught me lifelong lessons.

I have gained a stronger sense of purpose and appreciation for myself. Become exposed to more lifestyles and people I had never come across before. Now I’ve taken on a role as a wife and a mother, which come with so many blessings and challenges.

So why did I create this blog?

I strongly believe that we can learn so much from each other. Of course, I have not lived through it all. BUT, why not share what I have experienced? I have made plenty of mistakes that could have easily been avoided with help.

And the area in my life where I wish I had a blog to read? Being a military wife.

I know that sounds crazy. I get it. But there isn’t a handout you get when you take on that title. And I REALLY could have used a handout. Still to this day I wish I could look at a handout sometimes.

“Why are there millions of acronyms, and what on earth do they stand for??”

“Will I be isolated while my spouse makes friends?”

“How do I even get on base?”

The questions could go on for miles. So, that is why I started this blog. To help younger me know how to navigate being a military wife.

AND, to help you navigate being a military spouse too! I want to be a resource to those who need it!

I hope that you’ll follow along with me on this exciting adventure of being a military wife.



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